Our Clients Have To Say

A few years ago, my family and I came to the United States from Venezuela. We were impressed by the freedom of being able to speak our mind and do business here. We decided to move our business from our troubled home country and settle in the U.S. We contacted attorney Pavlov, who fully understood our situation and plans for the future – he, himself had suffered as a young man under communist rule and found freedom in the U.S. long ago. Mr. Pavlov is dedicated to his clients. He gave us excellent legal advice and successfully represented myself, my wife and our minor children before the USCIS, Immigration Service. We are all U.S. Permanent residents now, enjoy our new home and business, and are looking forward to becoming U.S. Citizens in the near future.

Eduardo Gorrochotegui, President of Coral Club Properties, LLC.

Mr. Pavlov has been my family’s lawyer for several years now.  He helped me become a permanent resident and then a U.S. Citizen.  Before I got married, he represented my future husband in his divorce from his first wife.  It was a difficult divorce because my husband had his own business and his wife’s demands were quite unreasonable, however Mr. Pavlov worked very hard and navigated the divorce proceedings with great skill.  Most importantly, he was always available with advice and encouragement.  At the same time, Mr.  Pavlov successfully represented my husband to be in Immigration court and terminated the removal proceedings.  After our marriage, we used attorney Pavlov’s services to obtain legal status for my new husband.  Whenever we need a legal advice, we call our lawyer Mr. Pavlov. 


My U.S. citizen wife, an army officer and I met and got married in Iraq. I am from Russia. She petition for my residence, I was approved and we moved to the U.S. together. However, our family plans did not work out as we had hoped my wife left and divorced me before our second anniversary. So, I had no way to apply together with her to remove the conditional residence and receive my permanent green card. I was desperate and did not know what to do.

One of my Russian friends, a client of Mr. Pavlov, gave me his office telephone and I called him. After a thorough consultation he explained to me what can be done in order to petition to remove the condition and save my permanent residence. He guided me through the complex process of gathering up a lot of important evidence, witnesses and documents in support of my individual petition. I put my faith in attorney Pavlov’s hands and am forever grateful to him. Not only did I get my new green card for the next 10 years but I am a U.S. Citizen now.


A couple of years ago I met my husband at a Rest area on the Orlando turnpike in Florida. A few months later we got married. My husband is an American, I am from Venezuela. My husband petitioned the Immigration (DHS/USCIS) for me. At the time we did not think much but to fill out some forms, we found on the internet and mail them with a check for the filing fee to Immigration. When we were called for an interview, we did not consult with a lawyer. That was a big mistake. At the interview, the immigration examiner interviewed my husband and me separately. We thought we did well enough. Then, we got the decision denying my application for permanent residence.

The immigration did not believe our marriage was good one. My husband and I were devastated. It meant a break up of our marriage because I had to return to my home country or be deported. I cried my heart out, talked to my friends and one of them told me about attorney Pavlov. I consulted with him and show him our papers. He was very thorough, reviewed everything and talked to me in a fatherly way. He accepted our case and began working on it right-a-way. It took more than a year with the immigration and a lot of work but at the end, I received my permanent residence. I am forever grateful to Mr. Pavlov. I would say to anyone dealing with Immigration “Don’t do it alone. Get yourself an experienced immigration attorney, who cares about his clients.”