Family Practice and Divorce

At the Legal Clinic we practice law to help people.  We help our clients when they have difficult family problems. When a new client asks for divorce, the first question we ask is let’s see what we can do to save your marriage. Remember children come first. People going through a divorce are emotionally upset and often financially strained.

Helping our clients through a bad family problem is like navigating rapids. There are hidden dangers and pitfalls to be avoided at any cost. Whether a client is going through a divorce, needing financial assistance or child support, or post-divorce modification because of changed family circumstances, grown up children with their needs, we will do whatever is necessary to help our client to obtain the maximum benefit under the law. 

Judges are also human beings. Sometimes they make mistakes. When justified, we will appeal our client’s case to fix the mistake made by the lower Court. 

Immigration Practice

We help our clients from different nationalities and many countries around the world remain in the United States, enjoy a decent living a build a family. We have been helping our clients for over 30 years with Immigration problems. Sometimes, what appears to be a simple question may turn out to be a difficult, thorny legal problem due to the complexity of the Immigration law and procedure. We help our clients to unite with their families, obtain permission to work, remain in the United States for a longer period than initially permitted, and leave no stone unturned to find a legally sound way to obtain the dreamed of green card.

Often times, people who shouldn’t have an Immigration problem, make a mistake and suffer consequences under the criminal law. Remember that even without going to jail, entering a guilty plea or no contest plea to a minor criminal offense may cause you to lose your green card or other privileges under the Immigration law. That is when we go to the Immigration Court and sometimes back to the criminal Court to help our clients remain here with their homes and families.

Remember that neither the Immigration officers nor the Judges are your friends and sometimes the initial decision goes against you.  Then, we will appeal your case to the Board of Immigration Appeals and even to the Federal Courts if necessary.  We stay with our clients throughout a complex process, fighting for our clients’ rights and do everything possible under the law to make sure that our clients are treated fairly and justly.

Remember that there are no short cuts in the legal process. It takes an experienced, dedicated lawyer to help you through your legal difficulties, whether it is a family difficulty or Immigration problem.